Inaamin ko nung una kitang makita

Ay hindi agad kita nagustuhan

Iniisip ko na baka ako’y iyong lokohin

Na baka ako’y iyong paiyakin

Kinumpronta mo ako at tinanong ang aking tunay na nararamdaman

Hindi ako agad nakasagot, dahil hindi ko alam ang nararapat sabihin

Ginawa mo ang lahat upang ako’y maging iyo

Ginawa mo ang lahat upang marinig ang matamis kong “Oo”

Maraming nagsasabi na maswerte ka sa akin

Ngunit gusto kong malaman ng lahat na mas maswerte ako dahil ika’y naging akin

Salamat sa lahat ng sakripisyo na ginawa mo para sa akin

Salamat sa pagmamahal na ibinigay mo sa akin

Pinapangako ko na ang puso ko’y iyong iyo

Pinapangako ko na habang buhay ako’y iyo



Sinabi mo sa akin nung una’y hindi mo ako maintindihan

Hindi mo mabasa ang aking mga kilos at galaw

Ngunit ika’y nanatili sa aking tabi

At pinatunayan ang malinis na hangarin

Ibinigay mo ang lahat ng aking gustuhin

Ibinigay mo lahat ng aking kailanganin

Sobra-sobra ang ibinigay mong pagmamahal

Na kahit anong materyal na bagay sa mundo ay hndi ito kayang tumbasan

Tanging pagmamahal mo lamang ay sapat na

Dahil sa pagmamahal mo pakiramdam ko ako’y buong-buo na

Salamat sa mga sakripisyong ginawa mo para sa akin

Na dahil dito ay napatunayan mo na ako’y iyong tunay na iniibig

Salamat sa mahabang pasensiya na ibinigay mo sa akin

Na dahil dito napatunayan ko na kailanma’y hindi mo ako pababayaan

Salamat sa tunay at wagas na pagmamahal na patuloy mong ibinibigay sa akin

Na dahil dito napatunayan ko na ika’y para talaga sa akin


Ikaw ang aking unang minahal

Ang unang bigay sa akin ng may kapal

Aking pinaka iingat-ingatan

Inaasahang makakasama habang buhay

Ngunit nag-iba ang tibok ng ating mga puso

Puso mo at puso ko’y biglang nagkalayo

Nagkaiba ang ating mga landas

Ngunit ako’y umaasa na tayo’y pagtatagpuin ng kapalaran

Ikaw ang aking unang minahal

Parte ng puso ko’y mananatiling iyo lamang

Tayo man o hindi sa huli

Pinapangako ko nakaraan nati’y hindi ko malilimutan

Long Road

I was walking on this road alone
Feeling lonely and cold
Thinking about you and me
Thinking if we are meant to be
I kept on walking and praying
Cause I was hoping it was you that I’ll see
At the far end of this long road

December 25, 2015 – Christmas Celebration

This day is a special day for me and my family. First, because it is the holiday season, the season that all of the people around the world are all been waiting for because of the cool weather, delicious foods, parties and most specially this is the season that the Filipino families gather together to celebrate this special occasion. I will now share to you what we did, me and my family during the Christmas last December 25, 2015.


The Ginger Bread House

Last December 25, 2015 me and my family together with my grandmother, auntie and cousin from my mother’s side decided to go to Tagaytay to celebrate christmas. First, we went to the Ginger Bread House in Tagaytay. We had so much fun especially my cousin baby Niall when we got there. He was so amazed to see how beautiful the Ginger Bread House.

The decorations was so beautiful, it gives color, brightness and beauty to the place. It is also a good place for people who wanted to have fun, to just chill out. Especially, this was created for the children and young at hearts.


The Puzzle Mansion

Next, we went to the Puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay. You can see there a miniature of the different places in the world as well as paintings of the different artists and also place in the world and you can also see there the Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle. We even saw the award that was awarded to them last November 29, 2012 by the Guinness World Record. It was such an honor to visit one of the places in the country that was awarded by Guinness. You can see below our pictures inside the Puzzle Mansion as wee as our pictures with the award.



Valentines Day 2017


” I love you yesterday

I love you still

I always have

I always will”

Last February 14, 2017, Valentines Day was just a normal day for me. I just stayed home, I do usual chores at home. I know that Alvin (my boyfriend) will visit me at home to celebrate valentines day in a simple way but i didn’t realize that he has a surprise gift for me. He gave me a simple gift, a chocolate in a heart shaped container and a rose wrapped in a pink cloth. I was surprised when he gave me this. I was surprised not because this is the first time that he gave me this gifts because it is not, he usually gives me special gifts for this kind of occasion but because he made another effort to make me happy and to make this day special for the both of us.

2nd Anniversary Date


“Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life.

Love gives us a fairytale.”

That’s our love story, it is like a fairytale to me that once in your life you will meet someone who you will spend the rest of your life with. One person that will stay by your side thru ups and downs. Someone who will be your confidant for the rest of your life. And I know deep down in my heart that he is the one that I wanted to marry someday. Anyways, I wanted to share with you what we did on our 2nd anniversary.


First, we went to Pink Sisters Chapel in Tagaytay to say our grace to the Lord. To thank him that we are still together for two years and to ask for his guidance in every step of your relationship. We also ask for his guidance on our relationship.

Then after that, we went straight to Sky Ranch also in Tagaytay to have some fun, we rode the Ferris Wheel and took some pictures with the great view of Tagaytay at the back. We had a lot of fun.


He even bought me my favorite cotton candy. Then we just chill at the cottages and took some pictures as well. Then we dine as on one of the restaurants located just outside the Sky Ranch.


PBA at Smart Araneta Coliseum

Ginebra Vs. Rain or Shine


On our ways to Cubao to watch the PBA live. He promised me that and he didn’t fail me he really fulfill his promise. I was very excited to watch the PBA live because it is my first time to watch it live and it is also his first time to watch it live. It was very memorable and very fun. I am very happy to be with him to this special day even though it is a post valentines date it was still memorable as long as I am with him. However, there is something bothering him because of his family problem back home in Bicol. But even though there is something bothering him he still enjoyed the game and I know that he enjoys spending time with me. Here’s some of our pictures inside the while the players are warming up.


Edited 1

It was really fun. The first game was between Meralco Bolts and Phoenix Fuel. The game was intense and it was really fun watching the game live because you can feel the excitement of the other people watching and their eagerness to watch their favorite teams play and win in the games. And of course the second games is my most awaited game of the night. This game is between Ginebra and Rain or Shine. I was really thrilled to see them in person even though I didn’t get the chance to go near them and take some pictures, still it was really exciting to see them playing live together with the other Ginebra fans. The game was intense and super fun. My heart beats really fast when the game between Ginebra and Rain or Shine started. Since this is our first time to watch the game live, the Ginebra team didn’t disappoint us. They won over Rain or Shine and actually this is their first win for this season. I am very happy and I am looking forward to watch them again live and I hope we can get the nearest seat and I am also hoping that next time I will be given a chancce to see the Ginebra players up close and to take some pictures with them especially LA Tenorio. But lastly, I wanted to say Thank You to my one and only love, to my baby who made it all possible. I Love You…



This Valentines Day of 2016 is our third year celebrating it. It was still special even though we’re celebrating it three years in a row and I am hoping that we will continue celebrating this wonderful and special occasion for the rest of our lives. Actually there’s no difference from Valentines Day and normal day for the both of us because every time that we’re together is very special for us. Everyday that we’re together is Valentines Day. Anyway, I am really happy that this is our third year as a couple. This valentines day actually he just visited me at home we didn’t get the chance to have a date because he still have to go to work. But I was still surprised that he went to my house and he actually gave me this.

Valentine Gift 2016

He’s really sweet from the start until now. Actually the roses are edible because he knows I love sweets, I love chocolates. Since I love chocolate and sweets, he gave me a cake and he really knows my favorite cake which is Black Forest. He just stayed here for a couple of hours. But he promised me that we will have a post valentine celebration which is tomorrow. I will just update my blog. It’s a surprise and I am really excited.