Someone Like me

You won’t find a girl

Who’s sweet as me

You won’t find a girl

Who’s appreciative as me

You won’t find a girl

Who’s fun to be with aside from me

You won’t find a girl

Who’s amazing as me

You won’t find a girl

Who’s understanding as me

You won’t find a girl

Who’ll give you everything she can

You won’t find a girl

Someone like me


Sometimes I dream't about you
But I don't want to feel so blue
Sometimes I want to find you
But I have no clue

Sometimes I want to scream my lungs out
To let you know what it's all about
Sometimes I want to run away from you
Cause I don't have a clue

Sometimes I wish you were here beside me
But I know you want to be free
Sometimes I want to stop you from leaving
But I know it's the art of giving
Sooner or Later

I've been walking in the street one day
Thinking what I should do or say
Because every time I see you
I can't stop thinking about you

I wish that you would notice me
I wish that someday you will see
That I've been hurting everyday
When you didn't want to stay

I know that sooner or later you will see
My feelings for you is true and it would be
Sooner or later you will love me
And you will feel the love that I wanted you to feel



I've been walking all day
Never know where I am
Never notice the path I'm taking
Never notice the road I'm walking

I'm stranded in a lonesome place
Always feeling lonely and alone
I want to cry but there are no tears to come out
I want to shout but there is no sound I'm hearing

All I can do is pray and pray
I'm wondering if God can hear me
I'm always praying if someone's there
Someone who can be mine

I'm always getting stranded
But now that I found you
I always feel good
Comfortable in the arms of you
Thank You

Thank you
For all the things you've done for me
Thank you
For the memories we spent with each other
Thank you
For the help that you've given me
Thank you
For sharing your life with me
Thank you
For giving me an inspiration
Thank you
For showing me the true meaning of life
Thank you
For showing me the true meaning of love
And thank you
For loving me even in a short period of time
The One

All my life I was looking for someone
Someone who will love me with all his heart
Someone who will take good care of me
Someone who will be with me for the rest of my life

I never thought that I would fell in love again
After the pain and heartaches
It caused me so many tears
And it was so hard to move on

Then one day you saw me crying
You came near me and started to comfort me
You embraced me tightly
And let me cry on your shoulder

The next day you came and talk to me
And ask me if I could be yours
You promised that you will never make me cry
And you will love me for the rest of your life

I started to think
I know that it's time to open my heart
I let you love me
I felt your sincerity

You never let me down
You were always on my side
You never make me cry
You were always there to cheer me up

Now I know I found the right man
Who will stay beside me for the rest of my life
Someone who will hug me very tight
And someone who will kiss me so sweetly

I found the right love in you
I know I finally found my perfect match
I love you very much
I know that you are the one
The Unknown

I didn't know what to say
I didn't know what to do
Until I found you there
And bring the light again

I didn't know you
Neither I didn't know your name
But I really like you
And I will do anything to know you

I didn't know if you noticed me
I didn't know if you know me
All I know is I like you
All I know is I love you
Tragic Love Story

We kept on seeing each other
In the darkest hour of the night
They didn't have to know
That we have fallen in love

Our families are against us
They wanted to separate us
But you held me too tight
You say that we will never give up

But one day they caught us
Sneaking outside our little town
They grab me by the arm
While they hit you so hard

I run as fast as I can towards you
While they aim the gun at you
I heard a loud and disturbing sound
I didn't realize that they pull the trigger

Both of us fell on the ground
Holding hands while closing our eyes
Tears fell down from our eyes
Still we're together until our last breath